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The Nigerian Civil War of 1967-70: My Selected Bibliography

Yesterday, I made a promise to someone on Facebook to provide a selected  bibliography on the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-70. Since then, I have had other private requests for a copy, as a result of which I took the decision to make it available publicly.

As with any historical event, there are countless books, academic papers/articles, newspaper reports, personal opinions as well as social media write-ups on what is known as the Biafran War.

The selected texts below are by no means all the fictional or non-fictional accounts of the war that are available. They are the texts (books) I have found useful in the course of my own delve into the darkest part of the history of a promising nation.

For those who may wonder, I have read each of the items below, apart from having a hard-copy library of a significant number of the texts.

Achebe C 2013 There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra London: Penguin Books
Achuzia J O G 1986 Requiem Biafra Enugu: Fourth Dimensions Publishers
Achebe C 1973 Christmas in Biafra and Other Poems New York: Doubleday
Adekunle B 2004 The Nigeria Biafra War Letters: A Soldier’s Story Phoenix Pub Group
Adichie C N 2006 Half of a Yellow Sun London: Fourth Estate
Affia G B 1970 Nigerian Crisis 1967-1970: A Preliminary Bibliography Lagos: University of Lagos
Aguolu C C 1973 Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970: An Annotated Bibliography Boston: G. K. Hall
Ajibola W 1978 Foreign Policy and Public Opinion: A Case Study of British Foreign Policy over the Nigerian Civil War Ibadan: Ibadan University Press
Akinyemi B 1979 The British Press and the Nigerian Civil War: the Godfather Complex Ibadan: University Press
Akpan N 1972 The Struggle for Secession: A Personal Account of the Nigerian Civil War London: Frank Cass
Alabi-Isama G 2013 The Tragedy of Victory: On-the-spot Account of the Nigeria-Biafra War in the Atlantic Theatre Ibadan: Spectrum Books Limited
Amadi E 1973 Sunset in Biafra: A Civil War Diary London: Heinemann
Aneke L N 2007 The Untold Story of the Nigeria-Biafra War New York: Triumph Publishing
Anwunah P A 2007 The Nigeria-Biafra War 1967-1970: My Memoirs Ibadan: Spectrum Books Limited
Asika U ? No Victors No Vanquished Enugu: East-Central State Information Service
Awolowo O 1981 Awo on the Nigerian Civil War Ikeja: John West Publications
Azikwe N 1969 Origins of the Nigerian Civil War Apapa: Nigerian National Press
Azikwe N 1969 Peace Proposals for Ending the Nigerian Civil War London: Colusco
Balogun O 1973 The Tragic Years: Nigeria in Crisis 1966-1970 Benin City: Ethiope Publishing Company
Birch G 1968 Biafra: The Case for Independence London: Britain-Biafra Association
Brewin A and MacDonald D 1970 Canada and the Biafran Tragedy Toronto: James Lewis and Samuel
Cervenka Z 1971 The Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970: History of the War Selected Bibliography and Documents Frankfurt am Main: Bernard & Graefe
Clarke J D 1987 Yakubu Gowon: Faith in a United Nigeria London: Cass
Collis R 1970 Nigeria in Conflict London: Secker & Warburg
De St Jorre J 1972 The Nigerian Civil War London: Hodder and Stoughton
Draper M J 1999 Shadows: Airlift and Airwar in Biafra and Nigeria 1967 – 1970 Aldershot: Hikoki Publications Limited
Eastern Nigeria 1966 The Nigerian Crisis Enugu: Government Printer
Ejike B 2003 Weapons of Biafra: A Child’s Account of the Nigerian Civil War Lagos: Gik Publishers Limited
Ekwe-Ekwe H 1991 The Biafra War: Nigeria and the Aftermath Lewiston: Edwin Mellen
Ekwe-Ekwe H 2006 Biafra Revisited Dakar: African Renaissance
Ekwensi C O D 1980 Divided We Stand: A Novel of the Nigerian Civil War Enugu: Fourth Dimension
Emecheta B 1982 Destination Biafra: A Novel London: Allison & Busby
Essien J M 1987 In the Shadow of Death: Personal Recollections of Events during the Nigerian Civil War Ibadan: Heinemann Educational Books
Federal Ministry of Information 1970 Lt Col Effiong Declares that Biafra has Ceased to Exist Lagos: Federal Ministry of Information
Federal Ministry of Information 1970 Broadcast to the Nation by the Head of the Federal Military Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Major-General Yakubu Gowon Lagos: Federal Ministry of Information
Forsyth F 1977 The Biafra Story: The Making of An African Legend 2nd Ed New York: Penguin Books
Gbulie B 1989 The Fall of Biafra Enugu: Benlie
Gowon Y and Effiong P 2001 The Nigerian Civil War And Its Aftermath: Views From Within Ibadan: John Archers Limited
Graham-Douglas N B 1968 Ojukwu’s Rebellion and World Opinion London: Galitzine Chant Russell & Partners
Idahosa P E 1989 Truth and Tragedy: A Fighting Man’s Memoirs of the Nigerian Civil War Ibadan: Heinemann
Ige B 1995 People Politics and Politicians of Nigeria (1940 – 1979) Ibadan: Heinemann Educational Books
Iguh O T 1977 Last Days of Biafra Lagos: O T Iguh
Ike V C 1976 Sunset at Dawn: A Novel about Biafra London: Collins & Harvill Press
Ikpe S 2013 Red Belt: Biafra Rising London: Bygfut Media Limited
Iroh E 1979 Toads of War London: Heinemann
Kirk-Greene A 1975 The Genesis of the Nigerian Civil War and the Theory of Fear Uppsala: The Scandinavian Institute of African Studies
Kirk-Greene A H M 1971 Crisis and Conflict in Nigeria: A Documentary Sourcebook 1966 – 1969 Vol 1 January 1966-July 1967 London: Oxford University Press
Kirk-Greene A H M 1971 Crisis and Conflict in Nigeria: A Documentary Sourcebook 1966 – 1970 Vol 2 July 1967–January 1970 London: Oxford University Press
Korieh C J (ed) 2012 The Nigeria-Biafra War: Genocide and the Politics of Memory Cambria Press
Madiebo A 1980 The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War Enugu: Fourth Dimension Publishers
Mbanefo A 1984 A Psychological Analysis of the Nigerian Civil War: Future Implications for Unity and Nationhood in The Civil War Years: Proceedings of the National Conference on Nigeria Since Independence Zaria March 1983 Vol III Zaria: Gaskiya Corporation Ltd
Mezu S O 1971 Behind the Rising Sun London: Heinemann
Muffett D J M 1982 Let Truth Be Told Zaria: Hudahuda Pub Co
Nafziger E W 1982 The Economics of Political Instability: The Nigerian-Biafran War Boulder Colorado: Westview Press
Niven R 1970 The War of Nigerian Unity Ibadan: Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers
Njoku H 1987 A Tragedy Without Heroes: The Nigeria Biafra War Enugu: Fourth Dimension Publishing Company
Nwankwo A 1972 Nigeria: The Challenge of Biafra 3rd edn Enugu: Fourth Dimension Publishers
Nwankwo A A and Ifejika S U 1969 The Making of a Nation: Biafra London: C Hurst
Nwapa F 1975 Never Again Enugu: Nwamife Publishers
Nweke G A 1976 External Intervention in African Conflicts: France and French-Speaking West Africa in the Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970 Boston Boston University: African Studies Centre
Nyerere J K 1969 The Nigeria-Biafra Crisis Dar es Salaam: Government Printer
Nzimiro I 1982 Nigerian Civil War: A Study in Class Conflict Enugu: Frontline Publishing Company
Obasanjo O 1980 My Command: An Account of the Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970 Ibadan: Heinemann
Obikeze D S and Ada A M 1985 Children and the Nigerian Civil War: A Study of the Rehabilitation Programme for War-Displaced Children Nsukka: University of Nigeria Press
Obiozor G 1993 The United States and the Nigerian Civil War: an American Dilemma in Africa 1966-1970 Lagos: NIIA
Odogwu B 1985 No Place to Hide: Crises and Conflicts inside Biafra Enugu: Fourth Dimensions Publishers
Ogali O A 1982 The Return of Ojukwu and Why Biafra Lost The War Nigeria: Ogali A Ogali
Ogbemudia S 1991 Years of Challenge Ibadan: Heinemann
Ojukwu C O 1969 Biafra: Selected Speeches with Journals of Events New York: Harper & Row
Ojukwu C O 1969 Ahiara Declaration: The Principles of the Biafran Revolution Cambridge Mass: Biafra Review
Ojukwu E 1989 Because I Am Involved Ibadan: Spectrum Books
Okpaku J (ed) 1972 Nigeria: Dilemma of Nationhood: An African Analysis of the Biafran Conflict New York: Third Press
Okpi K 1982 Biafra Testament Oxford: Macmillan
Okpoko J 1986 The Biafran Nightmare: The Controversial Role of International Relief Agencies in a War of Genocide Enugu: Delta of Nigeria
Oluleye J 1999 Military Operations: The Planning and the Conduct during the Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970 Abuja: National War College
Onyegbula G A 2005 Memoirs of the Nigerian-Biafran Bureaucrat: An Account of Life in Biafra and Within Nigeria Ibadan: Spectrum Books
Opiah E A 1972 Why Biafra?: Aburi Prelude to Biafran Tragedy San Rafael Calif: Leswing Press
Orewa G O 1977 We Are All Guilty – The Nigerian Crisis Ibadan: Spectrum Books
Osaghae E E, Onwudiwe E and Suberu R T (eds) 2002 The Nigerian Civil War And Its Aftermath Ibadan: John Archers Limited
Ottah N 1981 Rebels Against Rebels Devon: Arthur H Stockwell Ltd
Oyewole F 1975 Reluctant Rebel London: Rex Collins
Oyeweso S (ed) 1992 Perspectives on the Nigerian Civil War Lagos: Campus Press Ltd
Panther-Brick S K (ed) 1970 Nigerian Politics and Military Rule: Prelude to the Civil War London: The Athlone Press
Parise G 1968 Biafra Milano: Libreria Feltrinelli
Saro-Wiwa K 1989 On a Darkling Plain: An Account of the Nigerian Civil War London: Saros
Schabowska H and Himmelstrand U 1978 African Reports on the Nigerian Crisis News Attitudes and Background Information: A Study of Press Performance Government Attitude to Biafra and Ethno-Political Integration Uppsala: Scandinavian Institute of African Studies
Stremlau J 1977 The International Politics of the Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970 Princeton: Princeton University Press
Sullivan J R 1969 Breadless Biafra Dayton Ohio: Pflaum Press
**** ? The Aburi Report Enugu: Government Printer
Thompson J 1990 American Policy and African Famine: the Nigerian-Biafran War 1967-1970 New York: Greenwood Press
Ugobelu E 1992 Biafra War Revisited: A Concise Account of Events that led to the Nigerian Civil War Atlanta GA: ProPrints of Atlanta
Uku S R 1978 The Pan-African Movement and the Nigerian Civil War New York: Vantage
Usman Y B and Kwanashie G A (eds) 1995 Inside Nigerian History 1950-1970: Events Issues and Sources Zaria: Ahmadu Bello University Press
Uwechue R 1971 Reflections on the Nigerian Civil War: Facing the Future New York: Africana Publications
Waugh A and Cronje S 1969 Biafra: Britain’s Shame London: Joseph



  1. My big brother, good work indeed. Kudos to U sir. But, what about ‘THE NIGERIAN CIVIL WAR’ by Alexadria Madiebo. Just for inclusion. Thanks.

  2. wow….that’s great. what are your findings….was the war justifiable? was biafrans right in their demand for a separate country? do you think we are stronger and better together looking at nigerian affairs today?

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