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It Is Your 75th Posthumous Birthday

Thank you for the sacrifices you made, and the moral values imparted to make us who we are today. You bestowed us gifts that all the money in this world cannot buy.

You taught us the value of integrity, to know and do what is morally right. You constantly reminded us of contentment being the ultimate expression of good character and that a good name is better than gold and silver.

You preached God, and you showed him in how you loved and cared for others, even when some derided or took advantage of you.

Mum, we continue to strive in abiding with all you impacted to us not just orally but in your daily living. Every time events or circumstances cause me to remember one of your Yoruba admonitions, the love for you grow stronger despite your eternal physical absence.

Mum, if you can, look back and be proud of your accomplishments. You have done excellently well.